Rotary phones are making a comeback.  The old fashioned classic phones from yesteryear are once again adorning many American homes. Get information regarding these old masterpieces and learn how to buy or collect these old classic phones.

Baby Boomers Love Rotary Phones

Baby boomers remember the rotary phone from the days of their childhood. Many are still in use today.  Around the world there are experts who refurbish, restore and collect vintage rotary phones and restore them to perfect working condition.  These collectors find bargains at eBay and other auction sites, but more frequently the best bargains are found at flea markets & garage sales. Even though vintage rotary phones are awesome to collect and beautiful to display, there’s also an advantage to using a T-Mobile prepaid phone to bring your telecommunication use into the 21st century!

Rotary phones have a dial mounted on the front of the telephone base.  When the phone user dials the phone this results in electric pulses being sent to the telephone, and these pulses correspond with the number that the user dialed on the phone.  Over time this type of calling has been called pulse dialing.

Rotary Phone History

A bit of history about vintage rotary phones. Today’s rotary phone was designed and popularized by Bell Systems.  The phone was introduced to the public in 1904 but really did not start gaining in popularity until 1919.  In the late 1950′s these standard desk and wall phones were gradually phased out in favor of Touch Tone Dialing.

Believe it or not, most telephone systems in the United States still accept pulse dialing and your restored rotary phone will still work just as well as it did over fifty years ago.  Some phone systems only recognize push button phones, but fortunately those are in the minority.  The process of dialing a phone is still an accepted way to make telephone call with your vintage rotary phone!

Phone technology has advanced to remarkable levels over the last decade.  But let’s not forget to remember rotary phones from years gone by!

Many movie scenes in major motion pictures featured an old rotary telephone as a prop. Once you start looking for them you will be amazed at how many were featured in the film industry.

Retro Rotary Phones

Today’s classic rotary phone owner may also just like the retro look of his vintage telephone.  An assortment of bright and colorful phone choices make these phones popular in mid century modern decor.  One popular phone choice is the bright pink Princess rotary phone, which has historically been a popular choice for young teen girls.

Most classic rotary phone collectors still opt to collect the original Bakelite vintage rotary phone. Another subset of collectors choose to collect vintage rotary phones as an investment and a hobby. For the most value as a collectible, your vintage rotary phone should be restored to original condition!

Whatever your motivation – enjoy your vintage rotary telephones!

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